The soft gold

Cashmere is a fibre originated in Kashmir which is the northernmost part of the Indian subcontinent. It is finer, lighter, softer and approximately 3 times more insulating than sheep wool. At the same time, being a natural fibre, it is also breathable. Due to these characteristics and the exceptional softness of the fabric it is often called ‘soft gold’. In the 19th century in Europe, it was seen as one of the most beautiful gifts that could be offered to a beloved woman. Today it is still the same, the only difference is that now it is also a wonderful present for a beloved man.

Elephant Cross cashmere collection

Obsidian black cashmere scarf rose
Emerald green cashmere scarf rose
Handmade midnight blue cashmere & fine wool scarf rose
Imperial red cashmere scarf rose
Handmade sky blue cashmere & fine wool scarf rose
Muted gold cashmere scarf rose


Warm and comfortable

All our woollen scarves are all made of 100% fine wool, which has a very high softness thanks to the low diameter of the wool hair (below 18 microns). Therefore these scarves feel very smooth and luxurious on the skin, while keeping the wearer warm in winter.

16 micron fine wool

Premium quality scarves from Elephant cross


Luxurious soft touch

Not only do our silk scarves feel velvety soft on the skin, they are also a great accessory for a special occasion or a present for a loved one.

Elephant Cross silk scarves

Forest green oriental silk scarf rose
Golden tan silk scarf rose
Scarlet red oriental silk scarf rose
Shades of blue silk scarf rose
Shades of lavender silk scarf rose