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2021 August: Samachar live, India

“Designing clothes is a very big task, but we never come to realize the amount of non-biodegradable waste it creates that affects the environment.”

A Step towards sustainable fashion industry – Interview with Ms Suniti Keller from Elephant Cross. 

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2018 February: Ron Orp Stories from Zurich, Switzerland

“Elephant Cross – Exquisite sustainable scarves with an Indo-Swiss Design DNA”

Elephant Cross had the pleasure to be introduced in the Swiss Ron Orp Newsletter. Find out more about the brands roots that go back to a wedding in India.

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2018 January: Talking Sustainability | Brand Discovery Elephant Cross

“I love the way it gives a touch of elegance to the whole outfit and the fact that it is the accessory that catches your attention.”

Enjoy a beautiful photo story on the Swiss fashion blog ‘Innate Femininity’ by Michaela about sustainable fashion and the discovery of Elephant Cross on a winter day in Montreux.

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Sustainable fashion by Elephant Cross

2017 December: Fashion Flip – Meet Elephant Cross

“They have aligned themselves to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 12, 13 and 14 with 4 major areas of contribution.”

Swiss fashion blog “Fashion Flip” digs deeper into Elephant Cross’ sustainability commitment across the complete value chain, from product to packaging, transport, people and the ocean cleanup.

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