RePack and Elephant Cross

Building a sustainable future together

Starting 20th of December, Elephant Cross will be the first Swiss brand to embrace the Award-winning Finnish sustainable packaging solution, RePack. This solution will be available as a packaging option for all our handmade scarves.

What is RePack?

RePack is an award-winning Finnish brand, offering a reusable packaging service aimed at saving the world from the trash. It brings people and retailers together in a loop of good.

How does it work?

Customers who purchase a handmade scarf from Elephant Cross will receive the scarf in a reusable RePack bag. The RePack bag already includes a pre-paid postage, so the customer can simply put it in the nearest post box to return the bag. Once the bag is received by RePack, the customer gets a 20% discount for the next purchase with Elephant Cross, which is also a major motivation to return the bag.

How does repack work

Why RePack?

Being a sustainable company, we firmly believe that sustainability is a moving target. We spent a lot of time building our current packaging which is fully biodegradable and can be used as a gift pack. Our choice of biodegradable materials was backed by our ambition to not contribute to the serious, ongoing plastic waste problem. Additionally, for transport, we use only carbon-neutral means and offset any emissions our business does create by investing in projects that support the environment. Lastly, in Switzerland, we only distribute our product using Swiss Post’s pro-clima carbon-neutral solution. With RePack, we are taking another step in the right direction. Made from recycled plastics, RePack is taking plastic out of the environment and putting it into the economy. By recirculating the package with RePack, we are further contributing towards a circular economy.

How is RePack better for the environment?

RePack is designed to be used as packaging at least 20 times. You can compare one RePack to 20 disposable packages that are thrown away after one use. This comparison shows that RePack has up to an 80 % smaller carbon footprint compared to throw away packages. You can download the study here.RePack is designed to be returned and reused, cancelling out more disposable packaging waste at every cycle. In essence, RePack is an incredible no trash packaging solution.

Repack CO2 savings report

What’s next?

Based on customer feedback, we intends to include RePack with all future collections, especially with our Kickstarter collection coming next March. We hope you will join us in our next step towards creating a truly sustainable fashion brand.

RePack_Elephant Cross