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Sustainable Christmas dressing

Christmas is here!!!! Let’s spend all our money on new clothes, presents, home decorations, holiday and yes, more holidays! Who cares about being sustainable? No one, not right now! We do that all year round. For goodness sake, our conscious needs a break too! You are right, that’s why we do the hard work of dressing you up sustainably this Christmas. So, let’s get you wrapped up!

So, first of all, most cool people have more than one Christmas party. There is at least one office party (considering you are still employed and not with a stingy firm!), one with family and perhaps another with your better half’s family (Our favourite :-)). Now, if you think you will wear the same outfit to all these parties, wait, and think again about all your Christmas pictures on social media. You will seriously disappoint all your fans. And we don’t want that!

The outfit you always wished you could wear to work!

So, let’s start with the office Christmas party. Now depending on where you work this could be anything from

In any case, it is very important to know your company’s culture. The company Christmas Party can be tricky especially if it is right after work. Will co-workers be arriving in the same outfit they wore during the day? Or will they be doing a quick outfit change to glam it up a notch? Totally worth checking, because if you have a crazy outfit you don’t want to be feeling odd the whole day, just waiting for the party to start. Usually, a good strategy is to wear something to work that is up a notch from what you normally wear and then accessorise it a bit. For instance, if you normally wear a trouser suit, instead wear a nice dress with the same blazer and a snazzy scarf. Here’s a dress we like.

Vivien Westwood long infinity dress
Gelber feiner Wollschal

This beautiful blue dress by sustainable fashion champion, Vivienne Westwood would look great under your normal blazer for a day’s work and then very party appropriate with a pair of statement earrings and a pashmina to keep out the cold. We think our handmade shades of sunflower scarf can spice up this look. The two different shades of yellow in this scarf will give you the freedom to dress up and dress down with no effort. The contrasting colour of the scarf and the dress would surely make stunning pictures.

AG Jeans
Checkered gold cashmere scarf arranged like a rose.

For men, often the fashion code is easier to fulfil and nothing looks better for a Christmas Office Party than an Italian Wool Blazer like the one made by ethical fashion brand AG. Put a warm pashmina like the checkered gold cashmere around your neck and you are set for making your way to the party venue.

From home alone to fall of fame – The family Christmas dinners!

Most family Christmas dinners fall under one of these three categories. Those families who dress up in their finest for Christmas at a swanky hotel (or just at their stately home). Those families who prefer pyjamas all day for comfort and cosiness and those who fall somewhere in between. For every family around, we have the sartorial answer.

Take it easy family!

We think this is a perfect Christmas Day outfit if your family goes for the relaxed over the formal. This outfit is from ethical label Edun and we think it looks great while respecting the planet and empowering its workers. Team this with a fine wool scarf, which will handy when you want a little nap after dinner. For the man who lives in his jeans and is a member of a family with a relaxed Christmas day fashion tradition this amazing fleece sweatshirt from Everlane looks smart and is smart. Made from 35 recycled plastic bottles wearing one definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit. It is so warm and fluffy that it probably doesn’t require anything else. Just its own ethical cool.

EDUN_Sustainable dressing
Pink meets grey fine wool scarf arranged like a rose.
everlane_sustainable dressing

OMG it’s Christmas family!

If your family is one of those who gets all excited for Christmas half a year in advance, here’s a look that can make you not just stand out but also be remembered at least till next Christmas. Try unusual colors like lemon yellow or electric blue and pair them up with bold accessories. Whereas for men, we would recommend you to try something bold and memorable. Depending on how adventurous you want your look to be, you can choose dramatic reds or earthy browns.

Vivien Westwood Gabrialla pencil dress
Vivien Westwood castle coat
Vivien Westwood town coat

Finally, it’s Christmas family!

If your family just happens to be rightly excited about Christmas, then pick one of the classic black dresses with an elegant cashmere scarf. Maybe you already have a nice black dress. In this case just spice it up with some elegant Jewellery, scarf and shoes.

Everlane side slit tee
Nisolo sustainable shoes

Christmas with your partner’s family

Now this is a piece of advice for those who are celebrating Christmas with their partner’s family for the first time. No matter how long and how well you know your partner’s family, do not assume you know how Christmas is going to be with them. There is nothing worse than being over or under dressed on such an occasion. Ask your partner for guidance. Even better ask what other family members would be wearing, eg his / her sister or brother. As with make-up and hair usually less is more. Try to stay away from floral bow ties, shiny clips and fake eyelashes. You can always wear them on your wedding, if you do not get thrown out of the family at the Christmas dinner!

And finally, whatever you wear, try to make it sustainable! Look in your wardrobe. Try to reuse an old outfit, you haven’t worn in a long time or exchange an outfit with a friend. However, you do it, remember to have a great time.



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