The people behind Elephant Cross

Even before embarking on the Elephant Cross journey, Dominic and I have always had an affinity for design and nature. Our travels have taken us to different parts of the world, where we explored the beauty of nature and the diversity of design in architecture, culture and the way of life. India, where I was born and raised, is one such place of great design evolution that continues to inspire us.


by Dominic and Suniti Keller

The seed of the Elephant Cross sprouted at our wedding in India, during the ceremony, we gave hand-picked Indian scarves as a present to our guests, because in the land of cashmere and the Taj Mahal, the weaving of fine fabrics made from luxurious fibres has a long-standing tradition. People loved it, and soon the idea began to grow, to translate our passion for design and nature into a product that we can share.

In the north of India, we found weavers who mastered that craft over many generations. Sadly, a lot of them had changed their production to artificial fibres due to the cost pressure of the fashion industry. A development that we do not support.

We use only natural fibres like cashmere, fine wool and silk, which are not just fully bio-degradable but are also extremely breathable and gentler on the skin compared to synthetic fibres like polyester. Our scarves are light and comfortable to wear, at the same time they look elegant and keep you warm. They combine great design with functional excellence and narrate the stories of the Orient, it’s cultures and traditions.

“Sinful without sins” is not just our brand claim, it is a promise to you and to ourselves to make sinfully beautiful products while avoiding impact on the environment. Like the timeless designs of our scarves, we strive for a world that is beautiful forever.

As Gandhi rightly said: the earth, air, land and water – we have to hand them over to the next generation in at least the same state as it was handed over to us.

Stitching elephant cross label

Sustainability for us extends beyond our products to the people who work with us. We ensure fair and ethical working conditions for all those who work with us. We do so by personally being on the production site and working directly with the weavers and people in the supply chain.

It has been a journey of exploration. Along the way, we arrived at our three founding principles, that we hold close to our hearts: Design, Quality and Sustainability. Our philosophy is simple “we create scarves with great designs made from the best quality natural fabrics that avoid impact on the environment”

We might not be perfect yet, but we are working on it, and every day we move one step closer.


Suniti Keller

The Team

Suniti Keller


Suniti is an Indian national residing in Switzerland. Having been born and lived in India for many years she has a deep understanding and passion for Indian design, architecture, culture and way of life.

She worked as a television anchor on various automotive, lifestyle and travel shows with a leading Indian news channel. With a passion for communication, she also worked with global European and Swiss companies in the area of marketing.

Suniti took education in accounts, media and online marketing. Before embarking on the Elephant Cross journey, she pursued further education in Building Business Sustainability (BBS) from IMD Lausanne in Switzerland. Additionally, she studied Frank Gehry’s masterclass on Design and Architecture.

Dominic Keller


Dominic is a Swiss national. Having been born and lived in Switzerland he has a deep understanding of Swiss culture, work, design, people and the way of life in Switzerland and Europe.

He is a management consultant by profession and has consulted several local and global companies in Switzerland and Asia in creating high-quality products and processes to increase employee satisfaction and client experience.

He has an education in media, political science and criminology. During a sabbatical year in Asia, he authored the novel “einflüglig” while at the same time discovering his passion for diving.